Creative Thinking

Creativity & Goal-Setting


Big dreams are also big risks, and the journey to making them happen can involve thrills and accolades, but also mistakes, awkward moments and feelings of failure. Dream-On-Boarding empowers tweens, teens and adults to think big about school, careers, community service and their personal lives, and it also equips them with strategies for handing the tough parts of the journey. Through music, videos and stories, workshop participants will dive deep into the six elements of Dream-On-Boarding: Boundless Curiosity, Resilient Focus, Relentless Effort, Sound Support, Deliberate Optimism and Courageous Creativity. They’ll discover how some of the most successful leaders, businesspeople, athletes and entertainers have used these traits, and then develop their own plan with a goal-setting guide and a Dream Board. This workshop is adaptable for all audiences and has been taught in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as for college students, educators, and for prison inmates. It incorporates elements of the Creative Problem Solving process and improvisational comedy, and can up adapted for groups both small and large.

Format: Workshop for small, mid-size and large groups

Audience: Students grades K-12 (content is leveled for age interest); staff development workshop; parent-child programs, and corporate.